Turkey Clafouti

Although this has an unusual name, it’s very much like a crustless quiche and is another great basic dish that can be used with countless different ingredients.  For years I have made a Plum Clafouti which is one of my all-time favorite deserts, but I had never seen it used with savory ingredients.

I originally saw this recipe on one of my favorite blog sites, Mark’s Daily Apple. Click over to Mark’s site to see the full explanation, and to see the original recipe which is a Chicken Curry Clafouti.  Since I’m not a curry fan, I decided to go in a different direction.  You could easily use this recipe with chicken, salmon, sausage, etc. but I am always looking for another way to use turkey, so tried this with some leftover turkey breast I had in the freezer.  I used a spice mixture that was specifically for turkey, used mostly for Thanksgiving dinners, I’m sure.  It made the house smell heavenly!  Give this a try using your favorite combinations and let me know what you come up with!

A few quick notes: I had come challenges with the clafouti getting brown too quickly, so make sure you keep a very close eye on it and start checking it at 25-30 minutes (recipe calls for a 45 minute cooking time).  I also think next time I’ll try reducing the oven temperature from 400° to 350° so it doesn’t brown as quickly but still cooks through.

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