Amande Yogurt – My New Favorite Product!

My new favorite product!  Yes, that was me doing the happy dance in the grocery store aisle when I first found Amande yogurt.  It’s made from almond milk, fruit-juice sweetened, thickened with pectin (that’s a good thing), no GMO (a very good thing!), and it wasn’t crazy expensive.  I had my fingers crossed that I would like it since I can never buy anything that is already made, and to my delight – I love it!  All the flavors are yummy but still a little high in the sugar grams for me, so I usually stick to the plain and add a bit of fruit, walnuts, etc.  Another trick is to take one spoonful of one of the flavors and add it to my dish of plain.  It adds a bit of extra flavor but not too many grams of sugar.  It’s so good, and my body is very happy that I can eat yogurt now.  I am still experimenting with making my own coconut milk yogurt as well, but it is a huge luxury for me to actually be able to go into a store, buy something, and eat it – yeah!  Stay tuned – I’m working on using it for some frozen yogurt as well.

One Comment to Amande Yogurt – My New Favorite Product!

  1. Cara says:

    Just came across your site because I was googling to figure out if anyone had used this stuff for frozen yogurt yet. Can’t wait to hear your results!