BLT Salad


A perfect meal for this hot weather, and a joyous re-uniting of flavors for those of us who are not eating grains.  I have to admit, that a great BLT is something I do miss, so luckily my sister (Dr. Cary) came up with this easy solution to solve the cravings.

Fry up several slices of bacon (nitrate/nitrite free please!  Trader Joe’s has a great one).  While they are frying, put together your favorite salad ingredients – cool crunchy lettuce, tomato (of course) then add red onion or scallion, cucumber, even avocado is great.

After the bacon is cooked and crispy, let drain on paper towels, pour out leftover bacon grease from pan but don’t wipe out all the yummy parts on the bottom of the pan-that’s where all the flavor is.  Add about two tablespoons (or more if you like a lot of dressing) of mayonnaise, either homemade or straight from the jar and let it warm up and get all creamy. You will probably have to add some water to dilute it, so start with just a bit and add in as you need to thin it out.  As you stir it around, it will pick up all the bits of flavor left at the bottom of the pan.  This only takes a few moments, so just add your crunchy bacon to the top of your salad, pour on the warm dressing and toss.  It’s a BLT in a bowl!!!  Full of flavor and makes a great summertime dinner.

For those of you who really need that bit of bread, use your favorite gluten-free (or regular if you are still eating that) bread, chop it up in big chunks, and toast in a saute pan with some olive oil and salt until crisp and crunchy. This makes the best croutons and would be fabulous mixed in with your BLT salad.

4 Comments to BLT Salad

  1. sandy buffie says:

    Oh yum I love this idea! I miss a good BLT with avocado! Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Dr. Cary says:

    This is a once a week salad for me now – don’t miss the bread at all and I get way more nutrition in this version.

  3. John Cleary says:

    Instead of frying bacon, try cooking like in a restaurant. Cook the bacon in the oven, place the bacon on a cooling rack ontop of a baking sheet. This way the grease drips down and the bacon is not sitting in the grease. (I put a paper towel under the bacon to catch the grease.) The bacon comes out nice and crispy without messing up your stove top…

  4. bradley says:

    one of my fav’s! ahhhhhhh….. 🙂