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The Real Gifts of The Season

I wrote a guest blog on a great website – www.naturalintution.comabout what is really important during this holiday season.  Go take a look and let me know what you think!

Raising Healthy Children

Click here for a great article by Dr. Mark Hyman on how to raise a child who knows how to eat in a healthy way – really great information!

Ice Cream!



As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much lately because my friend Sandy and I are hard at work writing our ice cream cookbook.  Yep – a tough job, but somebody has to do it!  All that taste-testing…..!!!  We are developing lots of healthy options, great for all of us who have allergy issues and/or just want a healthy substitute for the full sugar/fat/dairy version.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear what everyone’s favorite flavor is.  Shoot me an email and we’ll work on transforming it to a healthier version so you can enjoy a guilt free treat!

Gluten-Free Room Service!

The times truly are changing!  Check out this information (click here) about Fairmont Hotel and Resorts now catering to a number of special dietary needs of their customers, including gluten-free menus for their restaurants and room service menus.  What a great improvement, especially for frequent travelers.  Hopefully other hotel chains will follow suit – maybe we could encourage them?

Friends of Jack Be Natural

Isn’t it amazing how things go full circle, but just get a bit better each time around?  Remember when no one thought to use anything but cloth diapers?  Well, now they are back but so much better!  Anyone with a baby or knows someone who’s expecting, do yourself a favor and check out a great website, (I know, how cute is that name?!?)  You’ll find all kinds of great information on the many options in environmentally friendly diapers, and great customer service, too.  Our landfills will thank you!

Live Dynamite

One of our Healthy Priorities stars, Heather, was kind enough to share this website with me.  It is a great site, full of really positive and uplifting messages.  When you go on the site, look for the section that says “Get Good at Living.  Weekly Tips.”  (on the left column).  You can sign up there to receive emails once a week that are really fun.  Inspirational and positive and helpful ( this weeks message was a gentle reminder of the advantages of sleep).  It’s so nice to receive little messages every once in awhile to help us live a healthier life!  Please check it out here – it’s a really great, well organized and fun site.

Food Revolution – Matthews Meet-up

For anyone in the Charlotte/Matthews, NC area, there is a meet-up this Sunday, May 23rd to come together and brainstorm about how to make a real-food difference in our community.  If you’re interested in being a part of this important effort, check out the details at the meet-up website – click here.

Aveda recycles bottletops

You know all of those hard plastic bottle tops and lids from vitamin bottles?  Do you know they aren’t supposed to go in the recycling bin?  (apparently they jam up the recycling equipment).  Well now we have a place to take them….. any Aveda shop is collecting them to re-use.  In the Charlotte area, there is an Aveda store at the Southpark Mall and they said they would be pleased to have any we bring them.  Between water bottles, vitamin and supplement bottles, I have already collected a pretty big bag of them.  I was actually surprised at how many I had, and I’m much happier to bring them to Aveda than have them cluttering up landfills.  You might check to see if you have an Aveda location near you!

Instant Organic Gardening

One of our Healthy Priority members recently attended a talk by Dan Rosenberg, the author of  She shared some tips on how to have our own organic gardens.  Really good, common sense information and a website full of great info, just don’t let the crickets scare you!  (ok, they were a little loud on my computer!)

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Petition

Have you all signed the petition?  Jamie Oliver has had a show on ABC the last few weeks chronicling his efforts to help a city in West Virginia get better food into the schools as well as teach people to cook healthy foods, and basically bring awareness to the relationship between what we eat and the quality of our life and health.  He wants this to be just the beginning of a food revolution throughout the country, especially changing the quality of food we feed kids in schools.  (Trust me, in many areas it is frightening to anyone who can recognize real food, or lack of it).  He is asking people to sign his petition – click here for the petition page.  It only takes a few seconds to do, and it is lending your voice to this very important cause.  Kids cannot live (and thrive) on pizza and nuggets alone!