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New Magazine – Allergic Living

Is it good news that there is now an entire magazine about living with allergies? Of course, we love getting good information.  But how did it become so common that so many of us have allergies that we can support a new magazine?  Just wondering.  Click here for the info on Allergic Living.

Gluten Free Labeling

There is a great article on gluten free labeling at the website for all of us who find it all very confusing.  You can check it out here.

Gluten-Free Magazines

These magazines are fabulous print resources on eating gluten-free.  They can all typically be found in Barnes and Nobel and local health food stores, such as Earthfare and Home Health Market.

Living Without Magazine is a great resource for articles, recipes, great information about helping kids eat gluten-free.  The other reason this is a great resource is that it is filled with ads from companies who specialize in gluten-free products.  There are so many now, it’s great!  The subscription is usually about $20 a year or so, and worth every penny for those of us who are looking for more knowledge as well as great recipes.  The website is also a helpful source and you can sign up for email updates and they will send you recipes on a regular basis.

Delight magazine is pretty new, recently started in early 2009.  It’s a beautiful magazine, and a good source for recipes.  Their website includes availability of back issues, and it looks like they will have a Q & A with doctors about Celiac disease which should be very helpful.  Subscription is $18.00 per year.

Not only is this a wonderful print resource, but the website for this magazine has some really great reading.  They have a blog which is a wonderful way to connect with other people who are experiencing a GF lifestyle, there is a great section of food labeling as well as one on ingredients which is imperative to have before heading out to the grocery store.  There is also one of the best sections on The Gluten Free Lifestyle which includes a “How to get started” section which is very easy to understand and would be the perfect resource for someone just beginning to eat a gluten free eating plan.

This is actually an online publication called Easy Eats and its goal is: Gluten-Free=Worry-Free.  I have to say, reading this publication is always fun and lighthearted which is so nice!  (We all worry too much as it is, right?)  I feel like I just want to invite the whole staff over for dinner.  It costs nothing to subscribe, and they go the extra mile in making sure that when you do subscribe, they periodically send you the past issues so you can catch up.  How great is that?  I always look forward to seeing a new issue in my email.