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Another Great Gluten-Free Resource

I ran into a GF site that was new to me (there are so many now, it’s great!) and she has a wonderfully easy to read, yet comprehensive page about gluten sensitivities, what to know, what options are available for flour substitutions, etc.  Everyone has their own way of explaining all of it, but I thought she had done a great job at making all the information easy to digest (ok, sorry…. bad pun!) and is a really good resource.  The site name is  She has great recipes as well, so take a look here for the resource page.  I’ll put her site on my list of blogs as well.

Paleo Foodie

I found another great blog to check out:  She has loads of recipes, mostly paleo type with lots of nuts, coconut, veggies, etc.  I’ve already found a few I have to try!

Elana’s Pantry

Finding other people who think like you do, or have conquered challenges similar to yours is, in my opinion, finding the holy grail. That’s how I felt when I found  This is a really great blogsite written by Elana Amsterdam and is full of helpful information and fabulous recipes using mainly almond flour in place of grains.  These are great options for gluten-free eating, grain-free eating, low-carb eating, Primal and Paleo diets, even Passover celebrations.

Elana has become the “go to” person for cooking and baking with almond flour and she has recently published her first cookbook, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. Anyone living a healthy lifestyle should really think about adding this cookbook to their collection.  Almond flour is delicious, full of protein (low in carbs!), nutrient dense, versatile, full of fiber and Elana has come up with some great ways to use it.  I have only had mine for several weeks and it is already “well loved” and everything I have tried has been a delicious success.

Gluten Free Labeling

There is a great article on gluten free labeling at the website for all of us who find it all very confusing.  You can check it out here.

A great GF resource

The Glutenfreeda site boasts of having over 3000 GF recipes on their site and it doesn’t stop there.  This is a great resource for all things gluten free including online cooking classes, newsletter, menus, all kinds of things.  You can check it out here:

R.O.C.K. – Raising Our Celiac Kids

Here is a great resource not just for kids with Celiac disease, but for anyone who wants to have support and resources while feeding their kids a healthier diet.  R.O.C.K. is a national organization, the Charlotte chapter was started last year.  Check out their website at :

A local gluten-free baker

Barbara De’Ambrosio, The Thoughtful Baker, bakes gluten-free breads and desserts from her certified, licensed kitchen at home here in Charlotte.  You can check out her business at