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Flax Bread

The recipe for the flax bread I’ve been making comes from a few different sources since a lot of people have begun experimenting with this nutrient dense product.  The first recipe I used was from Laura Dolson who even has a video on the webpage showing how to make it.  The recipe was then tweaked by Elana of  Both recipes work well are are a great starting point for your own interpretations.

The last bread I made, I used Elana’s recipe but omitted the agave nectar, and added 3 squished garlic cloves and chopped fresh rosemary and fresh thyme.  It was good, but could use even a bit more garlic.  My sister’s latest variation included using a combination of 1/2 butter and 1/2 coconut oil instead of the grapeseed oil which she thinks made the bread a bit fluffier. She also added 1/2 tsp. of garlic powder and 2 tsp. flaked, dried onion.  She thinks it could have used a bit more garlic but said she really liked it and said it “smelled heavenly”.

When I was young, I used to make a bread with my mother than was called “Dilly Casserole Bread”.  It made the house smell so good and the bread was a wonderful combination of onion and dill that I love to this day.  Next time I try this flax bread, I think I’m going to try the dill/onion variation – what else can we come up with?  Let me know if you try any variations that you really like.

Grain Free and Loving It!

Although I’m the first to celebrate the growing awareness and availability of gluten-free products, cookbooks, blogs, websites, and really great information, I have to admit that I always feel better when I eat no grains at all.  I have found some gluten-free food and recipes that taste really yummy, but there has been this nagging feeling that I just had to finally listen to.  My body is just not all that happy, even with gluten-free grains.  So for the last several months, I have gone mostly grain free.  (A few excepts, such as GF pasta in some of the Healthy Priorities meals, or a bit of GF flour to thicken a sauce, etc.)

The result of this change?   I feel better, that is always great.  I’ve noticed less bloating, less puffiness, so that means less inflammation….. a great change!  I have also experienced an very noticeable decrease in my appetite.  Now, I’ve never been a big eater, so that may just be my experience, but I have read a lot of research that seems to agree that most people experience the same thing.

Another unexpected and wonderful change that has occurred is that I have really opened up to new ways of eating.  I’m not sure that without this conscious “no grains” choice, I would have connected with some of the really great information that is available on how to make wonderful baked goods out of almond flour and flax meal, not to mention using vegetables in more creative ways – all kinds of new fun to have in the kitchen.

I’ll be posting links to some of the best resources I have found on this subject as well as some of the most successful recipes in case anyone wants to join me on the “grain free” journey.  Because they are grain-free and made with either almond flour or flax meal, they are more nutrient dense, high in fiber, high in protein and very low in carbs….. great substitutions for the baked goods we are all used to eating!

Bread breakthrough!

Thanks to research by my sister (Thanks Cary!), we have been experimenting with low-carb and no-carb bread gluten-free bread.  And it’s good!  I’m still playing with the recipes a bit, and awaiting some ingredients that I’ve had to order.  I’ll post recipes when we have perfected them a bit more, but you can look forward to yummy, healthy snacks at our next meeting.  And how great to have a no-carb bread option!  More to come on this very soon…