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Paleo Magazines

While traveling this summer, I found a great new resource!

Paleo Magazine:

Magazines are a Great Resource

I grew up drooling over the recipes Bon Appetit and my sister always subscribed to Food and Wine, so we had lots of great motivation to get into the kitchen.  Then I found out that I had all kinds of food allergies and I was literally starved for resources.  Over the years (It’s been a few decades since my diagnosis) I have gotten excited every time I see a new cookbook, but when I first saw a gluten-free magazine I could barely believe my eyes!  The first one I found was Living Without and although I just hated the name, I was really impressed with all of the information, recipes and resources they include in every issue.

Now there are a lots of magazines available for all different segments of the food community.  Aside from gluten-free magazines, there are magazines for people who suffer from allergies, who eat “clean” food, and I just saw my first Paleo magazine!

If you have any suggestions of magazine that you find really helpful, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.  And remember – most of these magazines have a website as well so check online for more information and recipes!

New Magazine – Allergic Living

Is it good news that there is now an entire magazine about living with allergies? Of course, we love getting good information.  But how did it become so common that so many of us have allergies that we can support a new magazine?  Just wondering.  Click here for the info on Allergic Living.