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Teach Your Kids To Cook!

As many of you know, I am always talking about the importance of everyone knowing how to cook healthy, nutritious foods for themselves.  It seems crazy to me that people don’t recognize this as possibly their most important skill set.  Along with knowing how to feed themselves, the next most important skill is to teach their children so that they can grow up understanding the importance of cooking and caring for themselves, and also how much fun it can be!  Since I am always talking about this, it was great to find this great article basically saying the same thing.  (Click here)

Tai Chi – Great For Many Things That Ail You

The worst thing we can do to our bodies is not move, but when people are dealing with health issues, they often are afraid to make matters worse.  Here is a great article talking about the many benefits of Tai Chi, especially for people with chronic illness.

Women and Stress – Important Information

Another article (click here) about the effects of women in the work force and stress.  Ladies, are we listening yet?  What is your most effective way of relieving stress?

Dr. Sara Rose – A New “Healthy” Friend

I recently met Dr. Sara Rose who is an author and specialist in the field of Divorce Support and Relationship Counseling.  I think we all know how imperative it is to have healthy relationships in our lives, not just for our emotional and spiritual health, but for our physical health as well.  I urge you to check out Dr. Rose’s website (click here) and her book, Reaching for Your New Life – Healthy Recovery from Divorce.

Don’t you just love the title?  Instead of thinking of the end of a relationship as a failure, I really like the idea of putting energy towards “reaching for your new life”.

Friendship = Health

I can personally attest to the truth in this article.  I could never survive the ups and downs of my life without my “chosen family”, all the people in my life with whom I have the most intimate relationships.  Here is an interesting article that talks about just how important our relationships are to our overall health.  So the next time you want to do something healthy, read this article (click here) and then phone a friend!

Food Revolution – Matthews Meet-up

For anyone in the Charlotte/Matthews, NC area, there is a meet-up this Sunday, May 23rd to come together and brainstorm about how to make a real-food difference in our community.  If you’re interested in being a part of this important effort, check out the details at the meet-up website – click here.

Instant Organic Gardening

One of our Healthy Priority members recently attended a talk by Dan Rosenberg, the author of  She shared some tips on how to have our own organic gardens.  Really good, common sense information and a website full of great info, just don’t let the crickets scare you!  (ok, they were a little loud on my computer!)

Creativity We Can All Relate To

Next time you think you aren’t an artist because you don’t have any special skills or know any special techniques, check out David Hrobowski’s work.  (Click here for great photos).  Yes, all that work is done with popsicle sticks.  The same kind we all glued together to make goofy stuff in girl scouts or pre-school.  Obviously David was an over-achiever in this area.

His work is absolutely amazing and reminds us that we should never let anything stand in the way of our self-expression.  No fancy stuff necessary.  Save your popsicle sticks (or go to Michael’s and buy the bag of new ones – less calories that way, I suppose) and grab the Elmer’s glue and see what you can come up with!

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, NC  is one of my favorite places to nurture my soul. Let me know what places nurture your soul and I’ll post them to give us all ideas of new places to experience!