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Zuma Organics

I’ve ordered a fabulous spice blend from Zuma Organics and, as a bonus, found out that they have a great website with yummy recipes!   I can tell you from experience that the Bag O’Chicken Lemon Love is a really easy, delicious dinner.  Click here for Five Easy Back to School Dinners.

Gluten Free Oats at Trader Joe’s!


Great news!  Trader Joe’s now has gluten free oats on the shelves!  In my store, they are in the “New Arrival” section, so check them out.

New Cookbooks

I am so happy to report that two of my favorite authors/resources have new cookbooks available.  Check out Quick and Easy Meals from Mark Sisson (the Primal Blueprint guru) and you can pre-order Gluten-Free Cupcakes by Elana Amsterdam (the almond flour expert).  New recipes – I can’t wait!

Subway is Testing Gluten-Free Buns?!?

Believe it!  I never thought I’d see the day when we could buy a gluten-free anything at a fast food restaurant.  For more information, click here.  Let’s cross our fingers that the initial testing goes well.  I’m not a fan of fast food, but this would give millions of people an option of eating something other than lettuce when they go out.  How great would it be, especially for kids, to go out with their friends and not feel “different” and be able to get a sandwich like everyone else?!

Udi’s Products at Trader Joe’s!

Great news for all you fans of Udi’s GF bread products!  Our local Trader Joe’s is carrying two kinds of Udi’s bread plus the bagels (yummy!) and they are charging less than I’ve seen at other places.  I have no idea if this is nationwide or just a local situation, but for you GF folks in Charlotte, make sure you keep an eye out for Udi’s in the bread department!

No Excuse Healthy Meal Ideas

Look what I found at Trader Joe’s!

No more excuses for making a healthy meal!  These are great assortments of veggies that are already prepped for you and ready to go.  You can use them in stir-frys, soups, sautes, salad, all kinds of things.  Find them in the refrigerated veggie section and make something heathy (and easy!) today.

Organicfest in Asheville

I just saw a notice for Organicfest – Celebrate Everything Organic – which will be held on September 11th at Pack Square in Asheville.  Click here for more info.  Sounds like fun!

Gluten-Free Bread at a Local Bakery

Great Harvest Bread Company, here in Charlotte, is now making three different flavors of gluten-free bread!  They will be available on Tuesdays, and I believe they accept special orders if you want to make sure you have a loaf waiting for you.  Be sure to ask to see the ingredient list to make sure you know what you are eating – they do have some buttermilk, yeast, and other common allergens so always good to double check the ingredients.  For more information, check out their website here.

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

Genetically Modified Organisms – don’t they sound delicious.  What you don’t know about GMO’s could definitely hurt you and you would probably be surprised to find out how common it is to find GMO’s in your food.  It is up to each person to decide for themselves how they feel about GMO’s and if they are willing to eat them, but as I always say – knowledge is power.  Go to to start educating yourself, and I would recommend downloading their shopping guide (click here) to take with you next time you head to the grocery store.  (And for you iphone users – yep, there’s an app for that!)

Favorite Source for Almond Flour

It is so exciting to enter a whole new world of baking using almond flour.  I have made a number of baked products (bread, muffins, pizza crust) and have liked all of them, and really love the higher nutrition value of using almond flour in place of grains.  Unfortunately, the almond flour that works the best in these recipes isn’t found locally, but it is easily ordered online.  I use blanched almond flour from Honeyville Food Products and I highly recommend them.  The almond flour is a great product, the shipping is only $4.49, it is a pretty quick delivery and most importantly, they have great customer service!  (We love that!)  Click here to order your almond flour and start experimenting.