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Protecting Yourself From Cell Phone (and ipad) Radiation

For those of you with Smartphones and ipads, I urge you to take a look at the new cell phone and ipad cases made by Pong Research.  You know I am constantly looking for anything to help give me protection from EMF and Radio Frequency.  I never find anything that works, and often find products that are supposed to work but actually make things worse.  I did some homework about these cases from Pong Research, and felt confident enough to try one for my iphone.  It works!  At least I think so.  Although I try to use my phone as little as possible, I can now hold it in my hand and make a call if I have to.  Yes, I’m one of those who can feel all that energy and I couldn’t hold my phone before without being very uncomfortable, not to mention scared of what it was doing to me.

As you can see, on the right of this webpage is an advertisement for Pong Research.  That means I feel strongly enough about the product to become an affiliate so that I can tell everyone I know to try these cases.  In my opinion, we all need as much protection as we can get from all of our electronic devices, so do your research and see if it might be something you want to try.  I would be thrilled if you would click on the advertisement on this page (look over to the right sidebar) because I do get paid a bit of a commission for getting you to their site (which helps support this website!), and I would be even more thrilled if we all started paying more attention to how all these electronic devices are affecting our health.  For me, this kind of protection is worth a try.  Actually, I’m hoping they come up with a full body suit I can wear, but I think I have to wait awhile on that one!

Click on over to Pong Research, read up and see what you think.  Let me know if you purchase one and love it as much as I love mine!

Friends of Jack Be Natural

Isn’t it amazing how things go full circle, but just get a bit better each time around?  Remember when no one thought to use anything but cloth diapers?  Well, now they are back but so much better!  Anyone with a baby or knows someone who’s expecting, do yourself a favor and check out a great website, (I know, how cute is that name?!?)  You’ll find all kinds of great information on the many options in environmentally friendly diapers, and great customer service, too.  Our landfills will thank you!

Bunion Relief

If you have ever had problems with bunions you know how painful they can be.  For many people, especially athletes and those of us who spent years wearing those great point-toed high heels, bunions can be a very challenging reality.  Thanks to my fabulous Naturopath, Tara, my bunion problems are about gone!  It’s all about the magic of castor oil combined with Swedish Bitters.  She told me to rub some castor oil on the bunion after my morning shower, then before bed I go to bed, I paint a bit of Swedish Bitters on (it soaks right in).  I also know someone who uses both together and both ways seem to work, because our bunions are almost gone!  It doesn’t happen overnight, you need to be patient, but it is a very easy and inexpensive way to handle the problem.  Definitely worth giving it a try!