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What A Fun Evening!

Thank you to everyone who came for the special Healthy Priorities event on Thursday evening when we screened the movie, Hungry For Change.  It was great to see everyone, and especially fun to welcome some new faces.  Extra special thanks to Jean and Jim Benham for hosting us in their beautiful home.  I know…just a bit different than crowding around my little kitchen!

For more information about the movie, be sure to visit their website at  They have great information, as well as products such as the video you watched the other night, book, cookbook, etc.

If you would like to be included on my email list for future get-togethers, or if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to learn about, please just send me an email at  We hope to see you all again soon, and yes….. the recipes I used for our snacks are coming next!

Come Join Us!

What’s Wrong With Our Modern Day Eating Habits?

Want to know how much our eating habits have changed?  Read this disturbing article, How Eating At Home Can Save Your Life, by Dr. Mark Hyman about how eating has become a very different scenario in modern, everyday life than it was in years past.  And we wonder why there are so many health issues, mostly relating to food?

The Explosion Of Gluten Free Products

Always interesting to hear people’s perspectives on gluten free eating.  I just ran into this article highlighting a few local people involved in gluten free food production, including Lee Tobin who is responsible for the gluten free products made for Whole Foods Market (coming soon to Charlotte).  Great reading – click here.

Scary Times For Those Who Care About Health, and Blogging

In case you haven’t heard all the “cyberscreaming” recently, a very quick version of a long story is that a blogger from North Carolina had  a complaint filed against him by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition.  Because I don’t have first-hand knowledge of all the facts of the story, I will post a few links to other articles explaining it.

My understanding is that this gentleman has been writing his personal blog for several years, talking about his experience with Type 2 Diabetes.  Many of the blogs you see, this one included, is just our opinion or our perspective of the subjects that we write about.  This gentleman wrote about how he regained his health and is no longer diabetic after changing his eating habits.

Like all of us who have found success with managing health conditions, or are passionately freaked out at the (lack of) quality of the food people are eating, he tells people about his success and tries to help other people by sharing his information.  This ended up in a complaint being filed against him because he isn’t a licensed nutritionist.  Below are two articles that explain in more detail:

I’m sure there are many articles on this subject and I encourage everyone to read them.  Why care about this blogger?  Simple.  This is a free speech issue, as well as an issue of freedom of the internet.  That affects all of us.

The latest information that I have found on this story is that the blogger had to change things on his blog, delete information about any services he provided and the complaint was dropped.  See the official wording of all of this on the NCBDN’s site:

The bad news in all of this should be obvious.  The good news is that a lot of people have been crazy upset about it, have made a lot of noise, and have started the conversation which is always a good thing.  Make your opinions heard, especially when it comes to having access to information, and being able to say what you think.  Well, that’s just my opinion anyway.


Pizza Is A Vegetable?

Yep, really.  Ever wonder where childhood obesity is on the government’s priority list?  Read this to find out how they decided to consider pizza a vegetable.

How Safe Are The Cleaners You Use?

Here is the most up to date information from EWG (Environmental Working Group) on many of the worst cleaners you may have in your household.

Healthy Priorities Cooking Class

This month we are learning some quick and easy recipes for fish.  We all know its good for us, and with the warm weather coming ( a little sooner than expected in most places), time to eat a bit lighter.  Come on by for some food, fun, healthy recipes, new ideas…. and did I mention fun?  If you are in the Charlotte area, we are meeting on Tuesday, April 17th, 6:30 at my house in South Charlotte.  Need more information or directions, just “hit me back” (as the kids say!).  See you then!

Food for Thought – Really Important Information

This article was recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup which, in my opinion, says a lot.  It is important information as to how medical journals and corporations work together to create reality, including the use of bloggers.  As I always say, knowledge is power. Click here to read the article.

Teach Your Kids To Cook!

As many of you know, I am always talking about the importance of everyone knowing how to cook healthy, nutritious foods for themselves.  It seems crazy to me that people don’t recognize this as possibly their most important skill set.  Along with knowing how to feed themselves, the next most important skill is to teach their children so that they can grow up understanding the importance of cooking and caring for themselves, and also how much fun it can be!  Since I am always talking about this, it was great to find this great article basically saying the same thing.  (Click here)