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Healthy Priorities Cooking Class

This month we are learning some quick and easy recipes for fish.  We all know its good for us, and with the warm weather coming ( a little sooner than expected in most places), time to eat a bit lighter.  Come on by for some food, fun, healthy recipes, new ideas…. and did I mention fun?  If you are in the Charlotte area, we are meeting on Tuesday, April 17th, 6:30 at my house in South Charlotte.  Need more information or directions, just “hit me back” (as the kids say!).  See you then!

Amande Yogurt – My New Favorite Product!

My new favorite product!  Yes, that was me doing the happy dance in the grocery store aisle when I first found Amande yogurt.  It’s made from almond milk, fruit-juice sweetened, thickened with pectin (that’s a good thing), no GMO (a very good thing!), and it wasn’t crazy expensive.  I had my fingers crossed that I would like it since I can never buy anything that is already made, and to my delight – I love it!  All the flavors are yummy but still a little high in the sugar grams for me, so I usually stick to the plain and add a bit of fruit, walnuts, etc.  Another trick is to take one spoonful of one of the flavors and add it to my dish of plain.  It adds a bit of extra flavor but not too many grams of sugar.  It’s so good, and my body is very happy that I can eat yogurt now.  I am still experimenting with making my own coconut milk yogurt as well, but it is a huge luxury for me to actually be able to go into a store, buy something, and eat it – yeah!  Stay tuned – I’m working on using it for some frozen yogurt as well.

Food for Thought – Really Important Information

This article was recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup which, in my opinion, says a lot.  It is important information as to how medical journals and corporations work together to create reality, including the use of bloggers.  As I always say, knowledge is power. Click here to read the article.

Want To Slow Down The Aging Process? Exercise!

We all know we have to move, don’t we?  Check out this article that talks about exercise, peak performance, slowing the aging process.

Are We Still Talking About All The Reasons Diet Soda Is Bad For You?

Now it’s a significantly higher incidence of heart disease and stroke – here is the article with the latest information.

Teach Your Kids To Cook!

As many of you know, I am always talking about the importance of everyone knowing how to cook healthy, nutritious foods for themselves.  It seems crazy to me that people don’t recognize this as possibly their most important skill set.  Along with knowing how to feed themselves, the next most important skill is to teach their children so that they can grow up understanding the importance of cooking and caring for themselves, and also how much fun it can be!  Since I am always talking about this, it was great to find this great article basically saying the same thing.  (Click here)

Tai Chi – Great For Many Things That Ail You

The worst thing we can do to our bodies is not move, but when people are dealing with health issues, they often are afraid to make matters worse.  Here is a great article talking about the many benefits of Tai Chi, especially for people with chronic illness.

Do You Have Childlike Taste?

I found  a great article discussing the way we, as Americans, are eating and the retail establishments that are supporting our childish ways.  (Think cupcakes!)  Really interesting reading – check it out here.



Don’t Wait Until 2012 To Think About Your Health!

Easy Does It!

The first Healthy Priorities cooking class has been re-scheduled for next Wednesday, October 12th at 7:00 pm (thanks for your patience).    The goal of this series of cooking classes is to learn to prepare meals and snacks that are fun and easy to prepare, healthy (of course) and tasty.  Cost for the first few classes is just a donation to the grocery fund, so come and join us!  The first class will be:

Easy Does It – I’ll show you how to make my favorite super easy recipes including:

Eggplant Dip

Salsa Chicken

Pesto “Bread”


And yes, there will even be an ice cream tasting!  If anyone is interested, contact me and I’ll give you directions. I’m looking forward to it!