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More Information About The Dangers of Cell Phones and Pregnant Women

As more studies are done, the damage being done to all of us with many of the new technologies is becoming more and more evident.  Here is an excellent article on a recent study looking at potential damage to pregnant women and the babies they are carrying.  Scary stuff!

Are We Still Talking About All The Reasons Diet Soda Is Bad For You?

Now it’s a significantly higher incidence of heart disease and stroke – here is the article with the latest information.

Teach Your Kids To Cook!

As many of you know, I am always talking about the importance of everyone knowing how to cook healthy, nutritious foods for themselves.  It seems crazy to me that people don’t recognize this as possibly their most important skill set.  Along with knowing how to feed themselves, the next most important skill is to teach their children so that they can grow up understanding the importance of cooking and caring for themselves, and also how much fun it can be!  Since I am always talking about this, it was great to find this great article basically saying the same thing.  (Click here)

Tai Chi – Great For Many Things That Ail You

The worst thing we can do to our bodies is not move, but when people are dealing with health issues, they often are afraid to make matters worse.  Here is a great article talking about the many benefits of Tai Chi, especially for people with chronic illness.

Don’t Wait Until 2012 To Think About Your Health!

Still using Aspartame?

Read this article and you might want to change your mind about eating/drinking anything that contains aspartame.

EMF’s, Your Computer, and Your Health

I have recently had to start getting a lot smarter about the EMF’s – Electro Magnetic Frequencies – that now surround us via all of the technological gadgets to which we have all become addicted.  I found an interesting article (click here) that had some good information.  I honestly don’t know anything about the author or how reputable the information is, just thought I’d pass it along as food for thought.  If anyone else has any good information about EMF’s, I’d love to see it.  I think its a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to our overall health.

New Magazine – Allergic Living

Is it good news that there is now an entire magazine about living with allergies? Of course, we love getting good information.  But how did it become so common that so many of us have allergies that we can support a new magazine?  Just wondering.  Click here for the info on Allergic Living.

Can Eating Gluten Free Improve Your Health?

I’m still amazed at how mainstream all this gluten-free information is becoming!  I think it’s great, because knowledge is power.  Check out this most recent article from CNN Health.

The Slippery Slope of Individual Rights

This article is a frightening example of how our rights, particularly regarding our health care, could be slipping away.  I have no knowledge of the particulars of this case, but the headline alone is scary enough.  In this case,  a woman was convicted of murdering her child because she didn’t continue chemotherapy treatments.  Obviously, making decisions for a child is a complex matter, but on an individual basis, don’t you want to be the one who decides what treatment you may or may not want?  Best to be informed, regardless.  Click here to read about the verdict.