GF Substitutions For Wheat Flour

When cooking and baking gluten-free, you will find a lot of different variations of GF mixes, but the most important thing to remember is that substituting just one flour for wheat flour isn’t going to give you a decent product.  But not to worry, you just have to try a few combinations and see what works best for what your are creating.  I always keep a general GF mix in my refrigerator to use for most uses (baking and cooking) but you might find different combinations work better for specific recipes.  Be sure to check your recipes – there are tons of great GF cookbooks out now, and each author will tell you which combination works the best for their specific recipes. This is especially true for any bread recipes.  Bread making typically uses a different combination, so just check your recipes before you go grocery shopping.

  • My “go to” GF Mix is the one I’ve used for years, originally from the great GF cookbooks by Bette Hagman (click here for her books): 2 parts white rice flour | 2/3 part potato starch | 1/3 part tapioca flour (be careful – potato starch is totally different than potato flour!)
  • Annalise G. Roberts has a book called Gluten-Free Baking Classics which is absolutely chock full of great information and wonderful recipes for baked goods, sweets, desserts, muffins, etc.  The GF Mix that she uses for many things is similar to the one above : 2 parts brown rice flour (extra finely ground) | 2/3 part potato starch | 1/3 tapioca flour (again, be sure it is potato starch, not potato flour).  She also has combinations that she uses for bread and pizza, and really good sections about the science of GF baking and really understanding the complexities of GF baking.  Her book is definitely worth a look.  Click here to find it.

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