Scary Times For Those Who Care About Health, and Blogging

In case you haven’t heard all the “cyberscreaming” recently, a very quick version of a long story is that a blogger from North Carolina had  a complaint filed against him by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition.  Because I don’t have first-hand knowledge of all the facts of the story, I will post a few links to other articles explaining it.

My understanding is that this gentleman has been writing his personal blog for several years, talking about his experience with Type 2 Diabetes.  Many of the blogs you see, this one included, is just our opinion or our perspective of the subjects that we write about.  This gentleman wrote about how he regained his health and is no longer diabetic after changing his eating habits.

Like all of us who have found success with managing health conditions, or are passionately freaked out at the (lack of) quality of the food people are eating, he tells people about his success and tries to help other people by sharing his information.  This ended up in a complaint being filed against him because he isn’t a licensed nutritionist.  Below are two articles that explain in more detail:

I’m sure there are many articles on this subject and I encourage everyone to read them.  Why care about this blogger?  Simple.  This is a free speech issue, as well as an issue of freedom of the internet.  That affects all of us.

The latest information that I have found on this story is that the blogger had to change things on his blog, delete information about any services he provided and the complaint was dropped.  See the official wording of all of this on the NCBDN’s site:

The bad news in all of this should be obvious.  The good news is that a lot of people have been crazy upset about it, have made a lot of noise, and have started the conversation which is always a good thing.  Make your opinions heard, especially when it comes to having access to information, and being able to say what you think.  Well, that’s just my opinion anyway.


One Comment to Scary Times For Those Who Care About Health, and Blogging

  1. cary says:

    I write and post my opinions all the time…they are after all my opinions. I hate to see this happening. It is as if we don’t matter any more and our experiences are not valid. So sad.