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Want To Slow Down The Aging Process? Exercise!

We all know we have to move, don’t we?  Check out this article that talks about exercise, peak performance, slowing the aging process.

Me, fat?

Here is an interesting article that looks at how much denial most people are in when it comes to the food we actually eat and how much exercise we get: Me, fat? Americans in denial about weight.

Mind-Blowing Benefits of Exercise

Great article on how exercise is great for our brain.  Check it out here.  And if you read the explanation by Dr. Mercola, he describes what he calls his “Peak Fitness Program” that sound a lot like what Mark Sisson talk about in his book, The Primal Blueprint” and on his blog, www.marksdailyapple.com.  Both of these guys were big time runners, did lots of long cardio workouts, and are now seeing a much better way to do it.  Pretty interesting!

Are You Sitting Down?

Interesting study about how much damage we do to ourselves with our “couch potato” lifestyle, even if we hit the gym!  That’s pretty depressing, eh?  Check it out here.

Fighting Alzheimer’s with Exercise

If you need yet another reason to get to the gym, or walking trail, or cardiofunk class, check out this recent article about preventing Alzheimer’s. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38202160/ns/health-alzheimers_disease/)   Not surprisingly, it’s all about moving your body!