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Another Great Gluten-Free Resource

I ran into a GF site that was new to me (there are so many now, it’s great!) and she has a wonderfully easy to read, yet comprehensive page about gluten sensitivities, what to know, what options are available for flour substitutions, etc.  Everyone has their own way of explaining all of it, but I thought she had done a great job at making all the information easy to digest (ok, sorry…. bad pun!) and is a really good resource.  The site name is  She has great recipes as well, so take a look here for the resource page.  I’ll put her site on my list of blogs as well.

Gluten Free Oats at Trader Joe’s!


Great news!  Trader Joe’s now has gluten free oats on the shelves!  In my store, they are in the “New Arrival” section, so check them out.

Can Eating Gluten Free Improve Your Health?

I’m still amazed at how mainstream all this gluten-free information is becoming!  I think it’s great, because knowledge is power.  Check out this most recent article from CNN Health.

Gluten-Free Room Service!

The times truly are changing!  Check out this information (click here) about Fairmont Hotel and Resorts now catering to a number of special dietary needs of their customers, including gluten-free menus for their restaurants and room service menus.  What a great improvement, especially for frequent travelers.  Hopefully other hotel chains will follow suit – maybe we could encourage them?

Gluten-Free The Easy Way!


So, you receive test results or you’re having a conversation with your health care provider, and you hear the words “gluten-free”.  At first, it doesn’t mean much to you, but then you start reading a bit, or listening to your doctor, and all of a sudden the reality of what a “gluten-free” lifestyle really means starts setting in.

Before you start panicking about not ever eating your favorite pizza again, take a breath, and realize that you are incredibly lucky.  Yes, lucky.  Right now, there are so many resources available that makes changing to gluten-free eating pretty painless.  This website is one of them – we’re here to help!

I’ve been eating gluten-free for about 30 years now, and I’ve learned a lot, that is for sure.  Here is what I tell everyone who comes to me with that deer in the headlight look (or worse) when they have no idea how to eat anymore.


Get educated!  We are continually finding new special diet cookbooks, websites, articles, and products.  You are not alone.  Many people have these same dietary challenges and that means better resources for all of us, and the number of people who are eating gluten-free is skyrocketing, which only helps all of us.  Go to the library, the bookstores, search online, read magazines, ask questions, share information and visit us often for updates.  Learn what it takes to keep your body healthy and become your own expert.


Don’t wait until you are hungry to figure out what to eat.  Meal planning, careful shopping, food preparation and restaurant research will all help you to maintain a healthy eating plan.  Be sure to stock your pantry with your special ingredients, make meals and snacks in advance.  Know which restaurants serve meals that are safe for you and always have a healthy snack in your purse, glove box, and desk drawer – just in case.


Eating gluten-free is not a diet.  It is the new and healthier way you will be eating for the rest of your life.  It can be a bit challenging in the beginning, as all new things can be.  Soon it will become just a way of life and your dedication will be rewarded with feeling better, having a healthier body, and a better quality of life.


Chances are, you need a new eating plan because your body, mind, and/or emotional  state made it clear that the way you had been eating was not right for you.  Eating food that you have an intolerance or sensitivity to can create huge challenges by way of serious disease, chronic conditions, and a diminishing quality of life.  Being able to help, and perhaps even eliminate, these conditions simply by changing the food you eat…..well, that is, indeed, cause for celebration!

The first step is the hardest.  Just take the leap, get started, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel!

Possible Contamination of Gluten-Free Foods

Just when you think you know what is safe to eat, here is a study stating that there is a lot of cross-contamination happening in the grain world.  Note that this is not talking about products specifically labeled as gluten-free, but in natural products that should be gluten-free.  Click here to read the whole article and be more aware of what you’re eating and how you feel after eating it.  Your body will tell you when you aren’t feeding it the right thing.  It’s our job to learn how to listen!

Chelsea is Having a Gluten-Free Wedding Cake?

If early reports are to be believed, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding will include a reception with vegan food and a gluten-free cake!  That’s amazing to hear, and will really open up more awareness of GF issues.  Click here for more information.