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Gluten Free Oats at Trader Joe’s!


Great news!  Trader Joe’s now has gluten free oats on the shelves!  In my store, they are in the “New Arrival” section, so check them out.

Udi’s Products at Trader Joe’s!

Great news for all you fans of Udi’s GF bread products!  Our local Trader Joe’s is carrying two kinds of Udi’s bread plus the bagels (yummy!) and they are charging less than I’ve seen at other places.  I have no idea if this is nationwide or just a local situation, but for you GF folks in Charlotte, make sure you keep an eye out for Udi’s in the bread department!

We Love Trader Joe’s!

As most of you know, I was one of the many die-hard Trader Joe’s fans who wrote many letters to their corporate office, explaining that we needed a Trader Joe’s in our area.  Thankfully, they listened!  It’s a great place to find healthier food options at a better price than you’d expect.  My favorite is their flash frozen fish – great to have in the freezer.  And when you just can’t stand the idea of eating the same old thing for dinner one more time, click here for quick and easy recipes using the most popular Trader Joe’s products.