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Nothing Better Than Summer Veggies


Ok, it’s been crazy hot out here.  And if you’re like me, you don’t feel like eating a lot, much less preparing a big meal.  Instead of reaching for the bowl of ice cream (not that we’d ever do that!), take advantage of all the wonderful veggies that are in season.  Check your local Farmers Markets and eat locally when you can.  Cut up and serve raw or lightly steam them, and have some fun things to dip them in.  Try some homemade mayonnaise, your favorite salad dressing, even a jar of salsa works.  It’s a fun, easy, light meal and your body will be so happy to have those extra vitamins and minerals.

Put It In A Pumpkin!

At a recent Healthy Priorities get-together, we all brought food that we could serve in a pumpkin.  I know – how cute is that idea?!  I can say that because it wasn’t my idea at all, but thought it would be fun.  Sure enough, everything is way more fun to eat when it’s served in a surprising way, and pumpkins fit the bill.  The nice thing is that now we can find all kinds of different orange pumpkins, white pumpkins, squashes of all kinds….. be creative.

For cold food, just cut open at the top and scoop out the seeds and pumpkin goo (not sure if it has an official name) and you’re ready to use as a serving bowl.  You can use one of those mini pumpkins scooped out for all kinds of dip, and I liked what H.P. member Linda did.  She put her dip in a regular bowl, but filled a white pumpkin with all kinds of veggies for dipping and they looked so beautiful with all the different colors.

If you are serving something hot, you might want to cook your pumpkin first.  Cut open at the top, scoop out the seeds and pumpkin goo, rub insides with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and place on a sheet pan or in baking pan.  Bake for about 45 minutes or until done, in oven at 350 degrees.  Let it sit for a bit, then pour in your soup, chili, etc.  With the pumpkin cooked, when you scoop out some chili, you can get a bit of the cooked pumpkin with it and its really good!